Hi. I’m Rosie.

manhattan bridge

I am 26 years old, I live in North London and I work in theatre marketing.

When I was 18 I left home and went to university in Edinburgh. At this time, I could not cook. At all. I would eat plain over-boiled pasta and I could make an omelette that was actually scrambled eggs. 

Once I’d moved out of catered accommodation, leaving behind the trays of salty, salty bacon and dry chicken, I decided to learn to cook. Mostly for financial reasons, but also because turning up to a potluck dinner with a packet of Tesco breadsticks and some gum is the worst. I started with big, freezable meals like chilli and spag bol and have kept moving on up since.

With 5 years of having-a-pretty-good-go under my belt, I’m now a proficient-ish cook and baker. If nothing else, I’m pretty fucking keen to learn. 

So I decided to start this blog, and use it as a place to put recipes that come good and experiments that don’t, maybe so someone else won’t make the same mistakes.

I live in a shared house with a small kitchen and equipment, crockery and cutlery that has been accumulated and stolen from various rented properties around London. The recipes here will be simple, or at least not require much kit. 

I am interested in things that taste good. This is cooking that should make you feel a bit better and is best when shared. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to comment on anything or ask me anything or just say hi or something. 

I also sometimes write about theatre here. You can say hello to me on twitter here.